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About the author

Tom is an engineer with over ten years of experience working in data. His roles have included work in data science, data analysis, and most recently in data warehousing.

His experience is primarily in the B2B SaaS industry, and covers early stage startups, hypergrowth scaleups, and large technology companies.

He grew up in Philadelphia, PA, but currently lives in Amsterdam with his Lakeland terrier.

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Snowflake CLI Quickstart

The Snowflake CLI is the best way to manage CI/CD pipelines for Snowflake resources like Native Apps and Snowpark functions. We show how to get up and running with the CLI in just a few minutes.

Snowflake Iceberg Quickstart

Snowflake Iceberg tables enable storing data from Snowflake inside your own AWS account. We demonstrate all the steps needed to get up and running.